26.10.2019 Rhythm Machine Meets DistractAir

E. TUCALÚEC [S.U.T. Techno/ Radio Blau, Germany]
JEROME HILL [Super Rhythm Trax/ Don’t, London]
TANYA MOSS [Totalitare Underground/ Sound Phenomena, Russia]
MARCIN MARKOWSKI [Warsaw Torture Boyz, Poland]
HELLBOII [Radio Tonka, Netherlands]
ORNVIOM [Headshifter Podcast, Russia]
KENNY CAMPBELL [Industrial Wasteland Podcast/ Pitch Records, Glasgow]

Start: 16.00 – 0.00 Uhr

Listen —> http://mixlr.com/jayne-tabb/ <—

Flyer by https://www.facebook.com/secondeyedesign/

Rhythm Machine Meets DistractAir is a collaborative project between Jayne Tabb (DistractAir) from England
and Kaossfreak from Germany.

Each of the two organised 4 DJ’s or Liveact’s usually have 60 minutes of play time.

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