18.08.2018 Rhythm Machine Meets DistractAir >>> Nachholtermin <<<

WOTTA MESS (Twisted Giblet Radio, England)
FABIO VEGA (Techno:Room Radio Show, Paris)
C MANTLE (Acre Recordings,Scotland)
ANALOG SPECIES (Oyabun Audio, Germany)
SELECT (Techno Synchronized, Germany)
MÜLLI (Oyabun Audio/ Electronic Routes, Germany)
RODEK (Wasted Electronic Youth, Germany)

Stream-Link: http://mixlr.com/jayne-tabb/
Facebook-Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1019426484891036/

Rhythm Machine Meets DistractAir is a collaborative project between Jayne Tabb from England
and Kaossfreak from Germany.

We each organised 4 DJ’s or Liveact’s always have 60 minutes of play time.

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